Constantly missing last sentence or two - iphone/ipad/windows

What I’m trying to do

I’ve been using Obsidian sync for over a year now and have continually encountered an increasingly frustrating issue in that the last typed sentence or two from any device often fails to sync across my other devices.

Occasionally the sync will merge the missing text so that it appears twice in a doc.

I don’t really know how better to describe this, but it seems as though sync is failing to execute fully, perhaps after I close the app before it’s had chance to fully sync.

Hopefully someone has an easy fix.

Things I have tried

Sync, IOS, last sentence


Nobody else has encountered this?

Yes iv got the same issue and its starting to get to me now. A way i found is to has an extra couple of spaces to avoid it missing some text. It doesnt seem to do it if i have the app open while i sync the desktop app and vice versa.

however if im out and about and open mobile app to look at note i wrote on my desktop i will notice it has missing text.

not good, if it carries on i will consider dropping sync. I also have been a user for over a year.

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