Consolidating Notebooks (Contextual Views?)

I’ve been using Obsidian for about 2 months now … and I’ve been struggling with having one-versus several obsidian notebooks.
I’ve currently got about five, I’d like to have one. I’m likely going to consolidate back down to one.

The main issue is that I’d really like to be filter my views. I.E. only show me work content in my notebook (documents, tags, etc) when I’ve got a work view. Only show me content related to project a, when I have that view, etc. Only show me personal content when I’m using that view.

As far as I can tell, there are no features or plugins that provide this capability yet though. Any ideas?

When you say separate views, do you mean show a graph of only those files? Or show only those files in the explorer?

So, I know how to apply filters and groups to the graph. And while the graph is pretty … I don’t honestly get much practical use out of it yet.

What I mean is … limiting everything in the file explorer, limiting to a subset of tags, limiting the backlinks, etc. Don’t show me anything at this moment in my notebook that isn’t part of my ‘work content’ … or … further scoped down … don’t show me any files, tags, backlinks, etc that aren’t part of this project for work.

Do you use folders?

I use folders to silo things. Specifically, I have all my daily notes in one folder, all my project notes in a Projects folder with big/long/important projects in their own sub folders.

For specific topics I want to dive into, I have a topic folder. For example, right now, I have all my “mature” notes in one place, but since I’m kind of digging into workshops and facilitation right now, I have those notes in a Workshops folder.

I used to have a topic folder on PKM, and once I was done wrestling with that topic, I moved all the notes to the main area and deleted the folder.