Consistent Sizing of Code Blocks by Default

Use case or problem

Currently, monospaced text ends up with a smaller font-size than the surrounding content. While this isn’t too big of a problem with blocks, inline code or monospaced text looks incredibly awkward and is more difficult to read.

Proposed solution

Eric Meyer has a great blog post going into a lot of detail about this, and my initial tests updating my custom CSS seem like it works great in Obsidian. It would be nice if it was part of the default stylesheet.

The solution is to add font-size: 1em; to any mono-spaced code blocks. Admittedly my testing was limited, so there’s likely to be variants where it doesn’t work well. But given the ease of implementation, it seems like a handy thing to do.

Current workaround (optional)

I added font-size: 1em; to the code and pre elements in my custom CSS.