Consistent In-line Footnotes

Use case or problem

It’s seems when you create an in-line footnote^[content] and then put the same one^[content] elsewhere, Obsidian recognizes it as two separate footnotes at the bottom.
i.e. The list in Preview would be

  1. content
  2. content

Proposed solution

Make it so they are understood to be the same footnote so there would only be

  1. content

and both instances would show [1] in the Preview (rather than [1] and [2] like now)

Current workaround (optional)

Apparently there’s a way to name in-line footnotes but I can’t get it to work. Besides that seems like a lot of effort and thought. Might as well just name them [^1] and add the bottom footnotes manually. The point of the feature would be to cut down work and friction, so the workarounds aren’t very helpful.

Related feature requests (optional)