Consistent Folding

Use case or problem

When using the fold/unfold icons, (the right arrow ‘>’ and the up and down arrows next to headings and indents), the top line remains visible. This is helpful in seeing what has been collapsed. However, when using the ‘Fold More’ option assigned to a hot key the result is a complete fold and all that is left is the ellipse ‘…’, which gives no indication of what has been folded.

Proposed solution

Make the behavior the same as when using the arrows next to indents and headers. That is, leave the first line visible.

For example.

This is the layout…

Bullet 1
Bullet 2 child of bullet 1

When clicking on Bullet 1’s arrow results in this…

Bullet 1 …

However when using “Fold More” the result is this…


This results in not having any idea what was folded and visually in a large outline you need to see what was folded, ie at least the first line. Otherwise you end up hunting through all the ellipses trying to see what is under them.

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