Consistent Attachments and Links, Local Images Plus, and Obsidian settings

Loving Obsidian!

I do have a question: I’m using the two plugins in the topic heading, and it’s “working” but I’m not sure I’m doing it right, and/or if they are redundant or competing with each other. And are they competing with Obsidian settings (Files and Links > Default location for new attachments).

I just want all my attachments for any file to show up in the same folder, in a directory named “_resources” and within that folder separated into subfolders corresponding to the filename.

It’s “working” and I do have that, but I’m also for some reason getting tons of empty folders in the _resources directory that have a subfolder (named after an existing note), but appendaged with “.resource”

What is creating that extra, empty subfolder name.

I could play around with it to figure it out but thought I’d check here before I screw up my vault.