Connecting to Calibre from Obsidian

Things I have tried

I’m trying to connect to Calibre via the Calibre plugin after starting the connection to the server in Calibre. I get the following message: Failed to load books from calibre library, with error:
Failed to communicate with “/interface-data/books-init?library_id=Calibre_Library&sort=timestamp.desc&1661883406334”, with status: [400 (error)] Bad Request

Failed to parse header line

What I’m trying to do

Please can anybody advise. Thanks. Andy

Hey Andy, I had the same issue but found a thread with the solution here:
Error when trying to open Calibre container · Issue #6 · caronchen/obsidian-calibre-plugin (

In short, go to Obsidian-Calibre plugin settings and replace “http://localhost:8080” with your IP Address in this format: “http://IpAddress:8080

Hope this helps.


Hi, any other solution? I have been trying and it is not working.

Thank you for any help


I fixed it, I used in the driver address http://192.XXX.1.XXX:8080 and it worked. I hope this help somebody



Hello Andy,

it worked lika a charm! Thank you.

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