Connected my icloud to my obsidian vault and now I have deleted most of my icloud!

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I recently joined obsidian and when I created my vault I thought I connected it to my icloud so that whatever I put in obsidian would save to my icloud. But what happened instead was my icloud appeared in my vault. Thinking I could just delete these notes becaus ethey were duplicates of my icloud drive I did not realize till I was halfway done with deleting that my icloud was TRANSFERED to my obsidian vault and I had deleted half of my icloud!!! How do I disconnect my icloud from my vault???

Things I have tried

Two screenshots might help here. One of your iCloud Drive structure from the Finder, and one of your Obsidian Vault Picker with the vault(s) iCloud Drive path shown.

You can reveal the location or remove a vault from Obsidian’s list by clicking on the three dots. Don’t choose Rename vault… or Move vault… for now.

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