Connect to already used Mac iCloud Vault

Are you using iOS or Android?

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Is this a bug report or a feature request?

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Opening app after download does not allow me to open the same Vault as I use in Mac app? Does the iPad app need it’s own sandboxed folder to which I then need to connect to it from the Mac app. That’s why I toggled both Bug Report and Feature Request.

Wanting to clarify here, after you open up the mobile app you will see an ‘Obsidian’ folder in iCloud drive, that is where the vault needs to go as this has to do with iOS sandboxing.

Are you saying that iPad can’t see that same folder?

Correct. I was using another Folder for my Vault that was within the 1Writer sandboxed iCloud set up, so I could use 1Writer as my Obsidian mobile app. Longer story short, I needed to create a Test folder in the Obsidian mobile sandbox and then copy the folder structure\files from 1Writer>’folder’ to Obsidian>Test, create the Vault and I’m up and running.

Thanks for the reply, though.

Yeah that’s a limitation of sandboxing apps - you could use a tool to auto sync the two folders if you want to keep using 1Writer - I do like that they added support for piped | links now!

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