Conflict of file type labeling

What I’m trying to do

Here is a help request that I just posted with Moneydance. Moneydance (Moneydance - Personal Finance Manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux | Infinite Kind) is a financial accounting program, a bit like Quicken. Why am I posting it here, too? Read on.

I’ve been having difficulty with Moneydance. That difficulty is documented in other support requests so I will not repeat it here. Yesterday I had a problem with another program. This program is called Obsidian (; it is used for note taking. What follows is not a joke, it is just what happened.
I was using Obsidian; Moneydance was closed. My cat walked across my keyboard. The Obsidian notes that were open and selected disappeared, not to be recovered. Some combination of keys that my cat pushed, I do not know which ones, had “blown up” my Obsidian notes and replaced them with “$” repeated many times.
Why am I telling you this?
Moneydance files are .md files. Obsidian files are also .md files. Windows 11 has now labeled my Obsidian files as Moneydance files.
I now suspect that the fallout from this duplication of file type labeling has compromised the performance of both Moneydance and Obsidian on my computer. My cat served to highlight the situation.

Things I have tried

Pulling my hair out.
Tossing my cat
I mean, really, WTF?

What recovery methods did you try?

The file type labeling shouldn’t matter — that just indicates the default program that opens the file when you open it from Windows Explorer. Obsidian can’t open files that way and doesn’t care about that setting.

I started out using Control+Z, but it had no effect. The file was disturbed like I’d never seen. Fortunately, I back up regularly and a copy of what I had been working on (but for the last few minutes of note taking) was available. I used it to get back on my feet.

You know, that is exactly what the folks at Moneydance are saying too from their side. I cannot comment. I don’t know what happened. All I can do is point to the fact that the .md file type is a feature of both Moneydance and Obsidian.
I now suspect that I many have run into a problem with Windows. I am considering moving Obsidian to another computer. It is an obvious choice when neither Obsidian nor Moneydance can point to a cause. Alas, that is a very time consuming job and adversely effects my ease of use for both programs.
Thank you for your kind consideration. semper anticus (always forward)

I’m glad to hear you have backups! Obsidian also has a file recovery feature that is turned in by default, found at Settings > File Recovery (you have type a note name in the field to see anything).

It sounds to me like the problem will not recur as long as the cat stays off the keyboard.

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