Confirm on Delete Impossible to Read

Steps to reproduce

Set theme to light, set the preference to confirm on delete
select a note right click and select delete
The confirm comes up there are 2 red bars one longer than the other. I assume there is text in them but I can’t read it.

Expected result

I would be able to see some text indicating what the 2 red buttons are for.

Actual result

The red is far too dark and the font too tiny and the black and red blur together making it impossible to see what the options are. Only by taking a screen shot, and blowing it up in an image editor until it was larger and tracing out the darker pixels was I able to read the text to know what button to click on.


  • Operating system: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6
  • Obsidian version: v).8.14

I dont have a problem with it. Do you have custom CSS or something?

Ahoy, @OogieM—welcome to you and your sheep!

Is this the menu you are referring to?

As you can see, I get white-on-red. Curious as to why you’re getting black-on-red. And, indeed, it looks like it’s using a couple-sizes smaller font than the description of the modal. @Silver might be worth bumping up the size here for accessibility.

I played with some to see if I could fix it by changing the theme but for testing I verified that I have the same problwm with the standard light theme. In general I can’t see anything that’s dark background anymore. I left that when we finally moved from CRTs and orange or green text on black some 40+ years ago! I absolutely hate dark theme. To me that’s a bug not a feature!

Yes that’s the menu. I tried to upload the screen shot of what I see but was not allowed as too new here to be allowed to upload files. Or at least that’s what I assume was the issue, in any case I was not allowed to upload anything.

Edit: Seems like it did upload I just couldn’t see it until I left and came back, sorry.

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Make sure you don’t have enabled a custom css.
Make sure you did not enable translucency effects.

If it doesn’t work, try to remove and reinstall obsidian.

Verified that in settings I am not usingthe custom CSS

ummm, no clue as to where to look for that. Can you give me a clue?

We have a new plugin for translucency.

Nope the only plugins I have installed are Daily Notes, Templates and Zettelkasten prefixer

I don’t know what happened to you. You can try to remove obsidian and reinstall it from the latest release.

(not remove your vault, just the program)

Graph view has a potentially related quirk: if you switch from Light to Dark, it retains the font color of node labels from the previous mode until the app is refreshed (e.g., cmd+ r). Maybe this modal is related?

yeah, we haven’t asked to close and reopen the program.

Do you still have this problem?

As of obsidian version 0.9.15 I can read the text. It is a bit larger and it’s white on red.

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