Configuration problems?

hi, i’m new to Obsidian and i’m finding it very interesting.

I immediately noticed something quite frustrating.

Actual result

Obsidian does not keep the configuration memory. I’ll explain.

Steps to reproduce

A few days ago I started a test “VAULT” and loaded some interesting plugins such as “map mind” and “calendar”. Yesterday I discovered the “git” plugin so I decided to change the directory name of the “VAULT” to sync with Git.

At this point I launched git and synchronized the files, after which I opened obsidian and as I expected I found the initial screen that asks me for the destination folder to choose (and so far nothing strange). the oddity is that I have lost all plugins and have to reinstall again.

I wonder: How come Obsidian doesn’t keep custom settings? How come the settings are at least not strictly linked to the “created VAULT?”

Expected result

I expect Obsidian to keep the settings that are given and the plugins loaded


  • Operating system: macOS Catalina - 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.10

Additional information

The settings should persist. Did the git plug-in do something to your settings file maybe?

Did you install the plugins in the help vault? You need to start a new vault, the help vault is wiped every time.

If you did make your own vault, I can’t tell from the info you shared what happened.

Obsidian keep configuration. You are doing something wrong. I am gonna move this help.

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