Configuration lost after 0.12.4 update?

Steps to reproduce

Had Obsidian 0.12.3 installed, made custom configuration, including using light theme, gruvbox theme, and installed several plugins. Have only one vault. I noticed the app is updated to 0.12.4. automatically. The theme is returned to dark and all plugins were gone. Plugin subfolders are still in the ~/.obsidian/plugins/ folder but not loaded in the app.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.3 → 0.12.4

what is the path to your vault?

Oh, thanks. I figured it out. The update resets the vault to the default. I have to select the old working vault.

The update resets the help vault, it doesn’t reset any other vault.

I have the same issue on Chomebook accessing a vault on g-Drive

we don’t ufficially support chromebooks and gdrive on linux is a mess.

What I meant is that after the update, when the program is loaded, the interface showed the Help vault, not the working vault before the update. I guess we are talking about the same thing.