Config for wikilink style or markdown (expanded) style

Can we have a setting to convert the [[link]] style to Markdown style i.e. “[link](…/folder/…” ?


So you want the standard Markdown syntax both for external AND internal links?

yes, that would be helpful. Currently I have to run script to convert [[x]] to “[x] (x)”.

I think you need to move this thread to a Feature Request subforum then.

I’ve moved this to Feature Requests

I do recall a past conversation that indicated the devs eventually want to make an “export” plugin to do exactly this in the future, but it isn’t a huge priority right now.
In the meantime, you don’t have to use wiki-style links. You can use [x](x) style links, but obviously that doesn’t help with existing links.


Isn’t this Feature Request already implemented? Close?