Computer lost all notes and now mobile is deleting the notes too

What I’m trying to do

I got a new computer and set up Obsidian using Obsidian sync and everything went perfect. But then I opened up my computer today and it lost all my notes and asked to reconnect to my remote vault. So I reconnected it. It seemed to be syncing everything just fine again, but it only pulled over my folders, no notes.

Things I have tried

I opened up my phone and noticed that it started quickly deleting notes. Apparently it was trying to look the same as the computer now which has zero notes.

I paused syncing on both, but I have no idea how to make my phone the true source of notes and push that to my computer’s Obsidian.

I figured it out. My new work computer had OneDrive installed backing up my desktop and documents. But I hate OneDrive on Macs so I disabled that and then it removed my vault from documents thus deleting the notes from my remote vault. I just dragged back my old vault from the trash and that has fixed it.

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