Comprehensive Overview of Block References in Insiders Release 0.9.5

This is me covering a lot of the updates in the latest insiders release as well as some of my thoughts about the features and current work around the beta feature of block references. Hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:


Well, not so much the latest any more :frowning_face:
But maybe a quick fix?

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lol yeah already with 0.9.6 :rofl:

only things different from my video is the block auto complete and the adding of the ^ to the link syntax now: [[file name#^blockUID]]

Just realised that you could do really cool stuff with block references in order to enhance your productivity / gather new ideas and linkings. Maybe for people having used roam before (I haven’t…) this is not so new at all…

So, let’s say you get stuck with a topic you’re writing about or you are just curious what you maybe wrote about something years ago:

just start typing [[^^MyTopic and be surprised what your zettelkasten tells you about this idea or topic… Actually it’s like a kind of global search - but without forcing you to leave your actual file; morover, you can then just transclude a couple of different blocks on the topic, review your file - and most probably you get some new ideas (or rediscover old ones…) about your topic!

Cool! :slightly_smiling_face:


for me it kind of removes the need to use a tag next to a blog for back links for the workbench file i was using, you’re right, that block transclusion makes the workbench a lot more powerful now!

Love the outtake at the very end :grin:

Quick question - what theme are you using?

lol thanks! xD and gruvbox with a lot of custom css added

ah ha cool! I was thinking it might have been Obuntu - and I knew there were tweaks in there as I saw you mention custom tags in another thread.

Would you care to elaborate on what other customizations you have made? (Sorry to veer off topic!)

i have a lot of things added, i also sectioned off all of the additions with comments and links to the forum posts where i got them from, you can message me on discord for the file and you can pick what you like from there :slight_smile:

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thanks @tallguyjenks!

Really appreciate this comprehensive introduction block-level referencing! Awesome work!

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Glad you enjoyed it! although hours later some of the info was made irrelevant by 0.9.6 but :man_shrugging: