Composite day notes

Often you want to look through multiple day notes, especially you use them as an inbox, prior to finding the right place for them (sort of like GTD). A single scrollable view for the last N days (+ a few days in future if such notes were added) would be handy.


Related to Calendar view hot key I’m guessing? Moving this to plugin category as well.


Thanks! I’m not too sure of what goes in feature request vs plugins!

Theoretically feature requests are additions or changes to the core Obsidian app, like the editor, pane system, etc.

Given how extensible we want Obsidian to be though, I expect to see more posts under “Plugins” than under “Feature requests”. If a suggestion does not make sense for the vast majority of users, and it does not require special access that the plugin interface probably won’t provide, it should go under “Plugins”.

In reality, we’re all still just figuring this out. So we might be moving things between these two categories.

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+1 for this. I love Roam’s approach on this.