Completely exclude files and folders from search

Use case or problem

Some my notes and folders contain a lot of junk text, guides, chapters from books and so on. When searching all this text pollutes search results.
I know about “path:-” and “Settings > Files & Links > Excluded files” but these are inconvenient or not working solutions for daily use.

Proposed solution

Add to “Settings > Files & Links > Excluded files” analogue “Completely excluded files”


I second that! We would like to set up an obsidian Vault in our development project root Folder and we have 90% non-markdown Files in there, which clutters the Folder View (I know I can change the CSS) and makes Obsidian Operations unbearably slow.
I second this idea of excluding specific Extensions (or including only specific ones) using Glob Pattern similar to .gitIgnore.

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As far as I understand, this is a duplicate of

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