Community plugins keep shutting off

for some reason, my community plugins keep shutting off. i can’t notice a pattern of when it happens or why.

when the error occurs, safe mode is still off, but so is all of the plugins. i have to go back and turn on each plugin individually. have tried running with only select plugins turned on but that doesn’t seem to matter.

i know i don’t have much for details, but wondering if anyone else is running into this problem.


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 12.12 (but noticed during 12.11)

closed topic, but can still post updates here. figured out the issue. was using the same .obsidian folder for both. nothing was working on the mobile app so whenever it synced, the laptop version turned everything off. progress was made when i started using a separate .obsidian profile for the mobile app.

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Are you using some sync service?

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