Community Plugins Hanging & Preventing Start on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Fresh install on Android (Pixel 6)
  2. Create a new vault.
  3. Install and enable any community plugin (I used Dataview for my testing).
  • Note: because community plugins are unable to be accessed from the Android app, this step requires syncing the vault so that the plugin can be installed elsewhere.
  1. Restart the Obsidian app.

Expected result

Obsidian loads the vault.

Actual result

Obsidian fails to load the vault and hangs on the “Loading plugins” status.


  • Operating system: Android 12 (Pixel 6)
  • Debug info: see screenshot below

Additional information

First discovered it less than 24 hours ago in my primary vault that’s synced between Windows and Android. For the past 6 months up until now, I have had the same plugins installed on both platforms and everything was working great.

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I can access community plugins on Obsidian for Android(1.2.2) without any problems …

What happens when you click browse and try to install a plugin?

The screen from your screenshot works for me, too.

However, the subsequent “Browse” screen does not display any plugins.

Debug startup time

On 2 occasions over the last 6 months I was lucky to be able to solve problems with Obsidian for Android simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I only use Obsidian for Android - I have no Desktop version.
I do have it installed on my 2 Android phones, 1 Android tablet & 2 Chromebooks(also using the Android app)

Re-installing isn’t helping. I’ve re-installed at least four times today.

What did help is disabling my wi-fi and instead using mobile service. I’m restarting my router and seeing where that gets me now.

Restarting the router worked :man_facepalming:

glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. But restarting router isn’t working for me. I notice that problem exist when I use Glasswire firewall in experimental mode despite I don’t have any restrictions in rules. When I use standard mode of Glasswire firewall Obsidian starts fine.

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