Community plugin: wrong version when installing and updating

Steps to reproduce

  • Open up the desktop version of Obsidian
  • Enable the community plugins
  • Search for the plugin Natural Language Date (GitHub)
  • The available version is 0.6.0 (as of December the 10th of 2021)
  • Install the plugin
  • The version installed is 0.5.0
  • Open the plugin page in Obsidian and manually update it
  • Obsidian reports that the update succeeded
  • The version installed is still 0.5.0
  • Synchronize the vault with an iOS application
  • Open the vault from iOS
  • Update the plugin
  • The version of the plugin is now 0.6.0.

Expected result

I expect the version shown (0.6.0) and the one installed and updated to match.

Actual result

The plugin is stuck on 0.5.0 on the desktop version of Obsidian.


  • Operating system: Mac OS 12.0.1 & iOS 15.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19 (Desktop) and 1.0.5 (iOS)

Additional information

The issue was first discussed there: Insert as Link option missing? · Issue #71 · argenos/nldates-obsidian · GitHub

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This is not a bug. 0.6 is for a newer version of obsidian that you don’t have.

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Oh, I see now :+1:

There is still something wrong however I think. Have a look at the manifest.json for v0.5.2:

The minimum version of Obsidian is 0.11.0. I’m currently on 0.12.19, so I should at least get the version 0.5.2 of the plugin and not be stuck at the version 0.5.0 no? :thinking:

@WhiteNoise Up on this :pray: Since I see you moved this to the Bug Graveyard :sweat_smile:

this should be fixed now.

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@WhiteNoise Thanks a ton!

For reference, here is what fixed it: Fix for latest available version on 0.12.x (#74) · argenos/[email protected] · GitHub
So others - me included - can fix similar problems themselves moving forward :slightly_smiling_face: