Commercial License for single users

I am running my own company and would like to get a commercial license for just 1 person.

Thanks for providing a free version, but I have means and would like to pay for usage.

cheers E.


Thanks, you can buy a commercial license here:

Many thanks for the link, i am however unable to select 1 license.

When you enter “1” do you enter any errors? It seems to work when I tested it:

Thanks for the generous support by the way! Technically if there’s only one person if your company a commercial license is not required, but we really appreciate that! :purple_heart:

Many Thanks for the reply and screen short, it looks like i am unable to purchase anything i just tried random numbers and it respond with Number of users doese’t seem to be a valid number…

I think I might have figured out why… The error message was not properly cleared. Fixing it right now…

The rest of the system still works, as long as the amount at the lower right is still updating. If you change 1 to 2 you should notice the amount changes, which means it’s updating correctly (except for the error message that got stuck). So you should be able to ignore the error message and proceed without problem; let me know if you encounter any other issue!

The error message bug should be fixed as of now. Sorry for the confusion!

Many thanks, and thanks for building this program.

Just wanted to clarify Obsidian’s commercial terms of use: Are you saying that if an individual is working alone on a commercial project a commercial license is not (technically) required?

I hasten to add, I do look forward to supporting Obsidian if I eventually do decide to use it for commercial purposes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never mind…Just now found the answer HERE.


Yes, that’s correct.

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