Commercial Account for Shared Development of a Knowledge Base

Use case or problem

As a potential user of the commercial account, it would be great if we could use Obsidian to build not just a “second brain” for each of us individually, but also if we could use it to build a “collective brain” for the organization. We would love to be able to have multiple authors (say 5) contribute to Knowledge Base articles, which could then be published to the organization (40+ people) and to clients (hundreds of people) using Obsidian Publish.

Proposed solution

Maybe there’s a way to do this by having each of the people connect to the shared DB via Obsidian Sync and use multiple views into the common DB as a way to drive content creation. I just don’t know whether that creates security or technical issues.

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Obsidian Sync does allow shared vaults, but it has limitations that might not suit you. Share remote vaults - Obsidian Help

It’s also possible to use something like Dropbox, tho again you’ll want to check what limitations that might impose.

To be clear, Obsidian notes aren’t stored in a database as people commonly use the term; they’re just a bunch of text files (I realize you may be using the term more generally).


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