Comments as first class citizens of notes

Use case or problem

I want to be able to optionally view comments in preview and publish. The way comments currently work is great for some use cases, but to me it is closer to the paradigm of comments in code than documents (see references to “commenting out” in the related feature request below). In written work it is also common to have comments that are actually part of a document (for example a historical source document that is interspersed with a commentators exegesis), and should be rendered interlineally in the final version.

Additionally, you can currently block reference a comment, but when you try to view that reference in preview you simply get an empty panel since the comment doesn’t render. As part of “comments as first class citizens” it should also be possible to use them properly in block references.

Proposed solution

Perhaps a YAML flag that triggers comments to render in preview or publish, or even a setting that just turns it on for everything.

Current workaround (optional)

If I want interlinear comments in the way I’m describing I currently use quotes, but I would prefer to be able to semantically and visually distinguish quotes from comments, by also allowing comments to render in documents as proposed above.

Related feature requests (optional)


It sounds like you might benefit from the <aside> tag in HTML. You can style them with CSS, which some themes (like Palatinate) support.