Command to set property value by clicking word in a note

Use case or problem

When you want to be able to quickly set the value of a property to a word that you already have typed in an open note.

Proposed solution

Either a hotkey or a button would trigger the command for the property value you are editing. Once active, the next word you click on, regardless of note, would be defined.

Related feature requests

Useful topic that inspired this request: Properties search improvement: Value selection as with tag search



Current workaround: Templater js.

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@gino_m What would you say is the best way to go about learning Templater JavaScript. I had asked a similar question in the past in the context of Dataviewjs, and received some helpful resources here: Issuing creating dataviewJS table - #15 by smiggles

Just wondering what you would add to that. I remember you mentioning that you are not a programmer, if I recall correctly. But your solutions are quite impressive.

Thanks very much!


Only being a Buttinsky here because the other day I just created this.

  • With robot help. Since having Obsidian and a JB-en iPad, I made various Siri Shortcuts and scripts (JavaScript is perfect) with the robot. There’s no love lost between us, though…
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