Command to Go To Previous/Last Active Tab

With the new tabs added with v1.0 (awesome addition btw), I’m sorely missing a command to Switch to Last Active/Used Tab. (This is separate from Switch to Last Tab command, that literally goes to the last tab in tab bar)
What I’m requesting here is something that’s similar to the command Alt-Tab in Windows to switch between two applications you’re using concurrently.

This would allow to extremely quickly switch between two tabs without being concerned about how far apart these two tabs are, and what their relative/absolute position is in the tab bar.

Use case or problem

The obvious use case is to be able to quickly make additions/changes to two separate notes , switching between them using the same hotkey.
Again, think Alt-Tab in Windows and how you (windows users) use that all the time.

Proposed solution

Add a command : Go To Last Active/Used Tab

Current workaround



Same as Option to cycle through tabs in recently used order