Command-Shift-Enter does not work to create note in new pane

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open File Switcher
  2. Type in a title for a new note
  3. Hit Command-Shift-Enter

Expected result

Cmd-Enter opens the selected note in a new pane. Shift-Enter forces a new note to be created. So Command-Shift-Enter should force a new note to be created in a new pane.

Actual result

However, what actually happens is nothing.


Latest version, v0.13.14, on macOS. Same bug also applies to iOS, Android, and other platforms.


Right now, the workaround is to first type note name and Shift-Enter to force creation, then Cmd-Backspace in pane, then search again and Cmd-Enter.

This is tedious, and a very common part of the workflows of using multiple panes!

This sounds like a feature request. Please, open one.

Okay, created the feature request: Cmd-Shift-Enter should create a new note in a new pane