Command-line Access to Obsidian's Magic Refactoring

For me, without a doubt, one the most important of features that keeps me working in Obsidian is it’s magic refactoring. There are many other things I love about Obsidian, and some of them rank as “killer features” too – e.g., its absolute genius of its modular extensibility, and, related, the awesome community :).

But without a doubt, the refactoring is why I end up doing most of “note-thinking” in Obsidian. The ability to freely move notes around and rename as the ideas flow and shift, and have all the hundreds of links be updated throughout thousands of notes in seconds … yep. THAT makes all the difference.

My FR is for the same functionality to be available in the command-line. A binary distributed optionally as part of Obsidian or just a separate download.

In the simplest case, it could be a swap-in replacement for mv, e.g., obsidian-mv: interface etc. all the same. Only thing is it engages Obsidian’s magic in the background to update links in a vault (like git it could refuse to work when outside of a vault, and if in a subdirectory, it would recursively travel up directories till a .obsidian file is found.

Even better, more complex implementations might accept regular expression patterns to allow bulk renames, etc.

Advantage of the current approach? While, so much more refined control (old fingers,fiddly mouse movement, needing to move files one by one, PIA to move files to a folder not currently visible in the file explorer, etc. etc. etc.) and (probably?) much better performance.