Colouring in Local Graph View

Hello again,
so I have been searching the forum to find something helpful concerning colouring schemes within local graph view.

I have a note containing only internal links with the purpose to show some sort of network overview across different nodes. Now I want to categorize different nodes via colour. I would like to know how. I am using group definitions which for some reason doesn’t work. I also installed a plugin from the community “Sync Graph Settings” …

Isn’t there any comforable way to simply define nodes within a graph?

Thanks in advance.

What do your group definitions look like? What do you use for grouping?

I would like to find a transition between the way I am organizing things at the moment (which is more linear) to a method that goes more conservative than the typical atomic manner. Meaning, I want to avoid creating individual notes (files), instead, I would like to summerize i. g. tags in one single note and create a local graph view out of this content. Those nodes, pointing to each tag, should be grouped in predefined colours.

Since this doesn’t seem to work, I created individual notes with corresponding tags to it and grouped them in colours.

Yeah, so what kind of tags are you using? And what kind of markup for the group definitions within the graph view have you been using (even though it doesn’t work)?

We can’t help you unless we get a clear picture of what you’ve actually tried, and what fails and what works partially, and so on.

Just a textual description like you’ve given so far, is equivalent to me saying: Just open the graph view, and add some group searches and assign color to them…

Hi holroy,

thank you for the swift reply and my apologies for the late answer on my side.

So, to make a long story short, right now, everything seems to work.

  • I am using normal tags with #
  • I add groups and define them via tags and colours
  • the plugin “sync graph” adapts global graph settings to local graphs as well

It’s not ideal for me that each node is basically an individual note (file) because it means to have a large amount of files which I consider somewhat inefficient, but that might be out of my personal ignorance.

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