Colors and shapes for #TAGS. Instantly recognize the relation instead of following links to realize the relation!

Use case or problem

Colors and shapes for #TAGS. Instantly recognize the relation instead of following links to understand the relation!.
New User here. First thought and suggestion.
Allow a shape and color be assigned to a #TAG!

Proposed solution

Simple. Just allow a tag to be assigned a specific color and shape.
We are trying to create this Obsidian realm to make it work like our mind or easier for our minds to draw or recognized relationships quickly.

instantly recognize the relationship!
It’s great that the links bring us back to our core thought or topic and we can follow it, but it to get the relationship, but it would be better to be able to instantly recognize the relationship!
We would do this by assigning a shape and color to a tag.
Me I would have a #topic tag of a specific color say purple with a triangle shape.
I would probably make most of my tags a shape “Say triangle”. More recognizable.
This color along with all of the links leading to it will make it quicker to draw or recognize the relationship!!!

Current workaround (optional)

Continue to use the old slower method of recognizing the relations instead of the mind instantly recognizing the relations with colors and shapes

Related feature requests (optional)

Color what? Are you talking about the graph view? The file explorer? The tag itself in the note?

Depending on what you mean, there are some CSS workarounds you can do. You put some CSS in a snippet, and you can color things like the note title in the File Explorer, based on the existence of a tag.

If you are talking about the graph view, there is a feature to group notes by a query. So you can make them coloured based on a tag, or even matching content or other criteria.

And I don’t know about shapes, but that would definitely be cool and helpful.

See GitHub - mdelobelle/obsidian_supercharged_links: obsidian plugin to add attributes and context menu options to internal links

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