Coloring a list in reading view

Things I have tried

Various css things such as nth child
Most of the things I tried don’t work because the effect the first actual line, or all the other lines, not the first list entry

What I’m trying to do

Hi, how do I make all 2nd and deeper list entries a different color than the first entry in reading view (pencil icon) mode? I was able to get it working in edit view (glasses icon) after messing with some css snippets I found in the forums etc.

Attached is a screenshot of what I have in edit view, I want to do the same or similar in reading view. Need reading view even though I like the new edit mode because tables don’t render in the edit mode afik and I occasionally use tables. It doesn’t even have to be a gradient like I have I just want all the entries somewhat darker than the first entry.

Maybe this way:

/* preview :: **first** level items of a list */
div ul > li {
  color: green;

/* preview :: all other level items of the list */
div ul ul > li {
  color: yellow;

Thanks that worked great!

I didn’t know about using the > I was using : and that was not working correctly.

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