Collect Daily notes section automattically

Things I have tried

In my daily notes, there are several sections with different header names.
For example,

# Quick Notes
- 1st quick note
- 2nd quick note
- 3rd quick note

# Places Visited
- Historic Museum
- Restaurant for dinner

# Achievements
- Finished "Guns, Germs and Steel
- Writing Book Chapter. 3

To collect each sections from daily notes in one page such as [[Quick Notes]], [[Place Visited]] and [[Achievements]],
For now, I have to embed each sections manually like the following in [[Places Visited]] page.

![[221-08-11#Places Visited]]
![[221-08-15#Places Visited]]
![[221-08-16#Places Visited]]

There are some days when there are no “Places Visited”.

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to collect the section with the same header name, recursively(?) by automattically scanning the files uder the daily notes folder and checking there are the specific header.

Maybe @EleanorKonik’s Concatenate plugin could help? GitHub - eleanorkonik/concatenate: A plugin for to allow you to put the contents of sections t

Thank you for your reply.
I think that I can try and start from this one.

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