Collapsing/Folding Daily Notes in Left pane

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The list of Daily Notes dates in the left hand pane keeps growing…Can I collapse or fold this list, then open it again when i need to ?

How is your vault organized? Do you have notes other than Daily Notes? Do you have Daily Notes in their own folder?

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Hi Austin, thx for getting back to me…pls note i’m NOT tec savy…I have a vault named ‘KENMA’…in that I have some folders - I get confused about how Obs uses the lables ‘files’ & ‘folders’ - when left pane is fully collapsed I have THREE ‘folders’; a personal one with a bunch of folders & files; an ‘Inbox’ with ONE ‘file’ for ideas, a scratchpad really; then a ‘TASKS’ folder…(under that I have the Kanban plugin, which I use for progressing my ToDo stuff). It’s the ‘TASKS’ folder that contains the DailyNote files…these keep listing, day by day, in the left pane. They have outgrown the available space…that’s my problem.

Under the ‘TASKS’ folder I have indented some more ‘folders’. These all collapse under ‘TASKS’ folder when I press the arrowhead left of the title. The DailyNotes also collapses when I press this arrowhead…

The DailyNotes appear as a simple list of dated files; they do NOT have a folder that I can see…otherwise I could collapse them to that…that would be good…

Any help much appreciated, jmj

I definitely recommend you keep daily notes in their own folder as you create a lot of them. To navigate my daily notes, I do two things:

  1. I use the Calendar plugin that lets me select a date in the calendar to open that day’s note.
  2. In my Daily Note template, I have links to the previous and next days’ notes, so I can quickly move back and forward a few days.

With those two navigation options, I can find the daily note I need and don’t need to keep the daily notes folder open. I can close the folder and still get the note I need pretty quickly.

(I use the Periodic Notes plugin, and it puts a little Daily Note button in the left bar. The core Daily Note plugin does this, too. I use that button to open today’s note.)

Does that help at all?

It does help, thank you, Austen. I created the folder and have moved my old DN files into it. I can open or close it as I want - YEAH !

I use the Calendar plugin as you do. I don’t have a template, yet…not sure how best to use that feature. So my DN are ‘freeform’ ATM. I do have that 'little DN button in the L Bar and that works fine.

Many thanks for your help Austin.

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