Collapsible panel in markdown

Hi all,

I was searching for a way to implement a collapsible panel (folding) in Obsidian with any section of the text (currently Obsidian supports folding - if enabled - for lists and headings). To my surprise, by default, Obsidian supports the <details> and <summary> markdown syntax.

For example, if you define

        <summary>Collapsible header...</summary>
        ## Header 2
        > This is actual content in markdown



Collapsible header...
    ## Header 2
    > This is actual content in markdown

This translates to a collapsible panel (by default collapse), and when you click on the link “Collapsible header”, it will expand in the preview mode with the actual content.

However, I found that the markdown content within the details is not rendered properly, i.e. it renders verbatim rather than translating the markdown.

Am I missing something? Or this is not fully supported by Obsidian yet?


Pardon my ignorance above :sweat_smile:. Just realised that <details> and <summary> are actually HTML5 tags, which undoubtedly can be rendered in markdown preview.

The challenge for me is to figure out how to render the content within markdown.

That’s correct, markdown isn’t rendered inside HTML with a few exceptions (font html tags I believe).

In another Markdown-based note taker I’ve used, the syntax to have renderable Markdown inside a Details is:

<summary>Cycle Details</summary>
Time  | Action                | ΣHeat 
00:00 | Heat to soak          |  2:19 
09:00 | Heat 45s              |  3:04 

However the <markdown></markdown> tags do not work in Obsidian.