Collapse state not persisted if you open the note in another pane

I love the new collapsed state persistence, however it doesn’t seem to work if you open the note in multiple panes.

For example, open a note, collapse some bullets and then “split right”. If you then collapse bullets in either pane, the saved state
a) doesn’t sync to the other - perhaps that’s not a bug, but would be very nice to have
b) very inconsistently saves at all - if you close both panes, there doesn’t seem to be much pattern of which pane gets priority for saving state. Though it seems like the secondary/new pane tends to persist more often, but not always.

I suspect it would take some debugging with an event listener to really figure out what is going on.

Here’s a quick screen recording to show what I mean. I’m happy to help however needed.



search/open a feature request for this