Collapse search results

When viewing search results, provide the ability to fold/collapse search results based on the note.

And/or have a view where you can see a count based on the note.

The use case would be when you are searching for X, but certain notes have X too many times making it cumbersome to see where X occurs in other notes.


The results can be overly verbose in situations where there are multiple matches in long files. The UX needs to be re-thought in this regard.

Perhaps need a “regular” vs “verbose” mode for searching that can be toggled while you are focused on this pane.

I would go further and suggest that the flow would be improved if the default search panel felt like a natural extension of the File Explorer and that the act of search was merely filtering what was already there in a non-verbose manner…

As I write, i realise that this may be better achieved by improving the File Explorer plugin and leaving the current Search component as it is (verbose and separate).

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this was implemented

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