Collapse button in Shimmering Focus Theme

Trying to collapse the File Explorer sidebar.

I installed and applied the Shimmering Focus theme in my obsidian. I enabled all the sidebars, UI elements that were disabled on applying the theme. But I cannot find the setting or any option related to the Collapse button. The buttons that are on the left and right of the Obsidian screen to close the sidebars.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 131538

I know I can use the command palette to toggle the sidebars, and also setup hotkeys for convenience, but I need some type of icon shortcut as in other themes.

Solved it.
Added the following code snippet.

.sidebar-toggle-button {
    display: inline-block !important; 


You can also edit the theme.css file directly in the folder “.obsidian/Themes/Shimmering Focus/theme.css” and searching “sidebar-toggle-button”.
Then you won’t need the !important in the css code.

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This would be overwritten the next time you update the theme.

I would also suggest not to change a theme.css file, but rather use it locate the correct selectors. If you use the same exact selector(s) in your snippet, it will (or should) take precedence over the theme due to being later in the sequence of css files.

Didn’t know that. Added a css snippet permanently for the effect.

I thought we need to always add the !important tag thats why I edited the theme file directly. But now that I researched a bit more, the tag is needed randomly or there is something I don’t understand. Anyways, added a css snippet file and reverted the theme file back to original (deleting and installing the theme again).

It’s is own science to figure out the CSS specificity, but if your file matches the selectors of any given element, and your file/style settings is later in the chain it’ll be applied. If on the other hand you’re earlier in the chain you either have to higher specificity, or add !important at a suitable level.

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