Collaboration with git on cards for interval repetition

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make it so that my friends and I can use obsidian for the interval repetition technique. In short, the idea is to use git and a remote repository to store obsidian storage, which can be supplemented. We are going to supplement it with new cards, while it is important that working with cards is convenient, that is, everyone has data about his last repetitions, that is, current information about cards is not reset, but at the same time, this information should be individual and not fall into a shared remote repository in any way.

But this fails, because the plugins I tried to use leave metadata under the cards that are individual for each person, for example, the “Spaced Repetition” plugin leaves data on the date of repetition of the card, and “Flashcards” leaves an id belonging to it in anki under each card. It is important that there is no individual meta, because then it will fall into a shared remote repository, from where it will be pulled by other people, which will cause inconvenience.

So my problem is that I can’t make an interval repetition system in Obsidian that could be shared with other people with git system, since I don’t have enough experience in using Obsidian. If you have any ideas on how to do this, I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Things I have tried

I tried several plugins, “Spaced Repetition”, “Flashcards” and “Obsidian to Anki”, but each of them left metadata under the cards. I need a solution where metadata would be left either in a separate file, for example, or where there will be no metadata at all.
Here is an example of a cards with metadata in:

  • Flashcards
### Question #card
  • Spaced Repetition
### Question
<!—SR:Thu Apr 22 2021,3,250—>
  • Obsidian to Anki
Q: Question?
A: Answer.
<!--ID: 1692121730346-->

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