CodeRibbon plugin

Some of you might have seen CodeRibbon recently appearing on Hacker News

Link to site: CodeRibbon | CodeRibbon Code Editor.

I had a little play on Atom, and the patches are essentially a mirror of my Obsidian layout (4 patches in quarters). The idea of navigating side to side on an infinite scroll layout seems really intuitive and useful. I think combining this with Obsidian would be really awesome.

I’ve also posted an issue on CodeRibbon repo - version · Issue #91 · utk-se/CodeRibbon · GitHub

I’m a web dev, and if anybody is also interested in seeing this happen, I’m happy to join forces at some level. I’ve got some experience of React + good enough front-end experience, and am willing to stumble through this even if it takes a long amount of time, so I’m beginning investigation on how these projects work and how this could be patched together.

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