CodeMirror 6 ViewPlugin and new pop-out window changes

General question: is this forum category the best place to ask questions about the Plugin developers: How to update your plugin to support pop-out windows announcement? If not, where is a better place to send such questions?

I was looking at some plugin code that implements a CM6 ViewPlugin to handle mouse-click events on checkboxes in Live Preview.
The constructor has a parameter view which is a CM6 EditorView, and then calls something like this.view.dom.addEventListener('click', myClickHandler). (Code simplified slightly for forum.)
myClickHandler then has a parameter (event: MouseEvent) and does some action if the event’s target const { target } = event has a type “checkbox”.
This sounds pretty similar to the examples from the forum post linked above, but since it is using CM6 APIs rather than globals or obsidian’s API, I was not sure whether it would be affected by the pop-out window changes. Could someone clarify please?

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