Codeblocks in tables

Are codeblocks in tables supported?

I have some buttons on my home page of obsidian to run quick add’s to quickly create the most common sorts of notes that I use. I was using the Buttons plugin but have recently transitioned to the meta-bind-button, which by default renders a little closer to the button next to it than I would like. So I thought, I will just put them in a table and use blank rows and columns to space them out.

Imagine my surprise when it appears that I cant put codeblocks in a table. I tried a codeblock for the old Button plugin, and then tried the meta-bind-button as per the screen shot, it just renders raw… any ideas?

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 9.39.37 pm

Use the inline buttons. Define the button in the outside, and use the inline button in the table.

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