Code format indents at 7 chars (edit) vs 8 chars (preview) in lists


  • Obsidian 0.10.11
  • macOS 11.2.3


  • Code formatting is not consistent between edit and preview panes when indenting inside of a list


  • Paste the below text into an edit pane. Observe that the “some code” line becomes code formatted in edit view, but until you add an additional space (7->8) it doesn’t turn into code in the preview pane:
1. Example:

       some code


Just updating that this is still happening as of 0.12.0

According to commonmark, LP is correct, reader is wrong. We should get this fixed once upstream parser is fixed.

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Just bumping again, I noticed this still isn’t fixed as of 0.14.6

No need to bump. Thanks.