Code block perform differently after order list and unorder list

Steps to reproduce

My tab size is 2, and I didn’t check my Use tabs config.

Type a code block with one tab indent after order list and a unorder list.

Expected result

Both code block should act as the same way, indent or not.
Plain text seems has same problem.

Actual result

The code block after unorder list get indent while the other not.


  • Operating system: MacOS

This with plain text

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Additional information

I just think they should behave in the same way.

That’s not a bug. The number of spaces matters in markdown.
I suggest you use 4 spaces. It works in most cases.

Yeah I mean, even if 2 spaces isn’t the right way to indent, shouldn’t they behave in the same way?

No, because the number of spaces and the number of characters composing the list prefix matter.

I know it sucks.