Cmd-Shift-Enter should create a new note in a new pane

Use case or problem

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open File Switcher
  2. Type in a title for a new note
  3. Hit Command-Shift-Enter

Expected result:

Since Cmd-Enter opens the selected note in a new pane… and Shift-Enter forces creation of a new note… Cmd-Shift-Enter should force a new note to be created in a new pane.

Actual result:

Nothing happens.

Proposed solution

Just implement Cmd-Shift-Enter to work in Quick Switcher!

Current workaround

Right now, the workaround is to first type note name and Shift-Enter to force creation, then Cmd-Backspace in pane, then search again and Cmd-Enter.

This is tedious, and a very common part of the workflows of using multiple panes!


implemented in 0.13.18

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