Cmd/ctrl [ produces [ text ] and not [[ text ]]

cmd/ctrl [ produces [ text ] and NOT [[text]]

If I manually add the extra [ [text inside] ] then cmd/ctrl + click on link acts as expected, creating a new note and opening another pane.

Running on Debian 10, Obsidian 0.9.4

Sorry, what are you expecting cmd+[ to do? (and have you customized the hotkey in preferences?

Moving to the archive as discussed here Page create failure - from list of links

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Sorry, I was on a phone call, then had to attempt to replicate the behavior. A video I was watching highlighted the text and alleges they pressed [ once to surround the highlighted text with [[ ]]. I mis-interpreted it to require cmd/ctrl + [. However, in trying to replicate for this response, on Linux, I highlight, then press [[ twice to get the linking behavior. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

Ah, yes, the video-maker must have misspoken. Pressing [[ is correct!