Cmd + click inconsistent behavior preview vs edit mode

Steps to reproduce

Create a document with a link. View the page in edit mode and use command + click. The link will be opened in a new pane.

Go to edit mode command + click and the link will be opened in the same window.

Expected result

If I use command + click I expect the link to always be opened in a new pane. It shouldn’t be different depending on whether I’m in preview mode or edit mode, because that is plainly confusing and makes it impossible to open a new pane in edit mode.

Actual result

In edit mode, no new pane can be opened, links are always opened in the same pane.


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.3
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Sorry, I am confused by this report. I don’t understand when you are in preview or edit mode and what happens and what you expect.

In edit mode, Cmd+click opens a link in the same tab, but in preview mode, Cmd+click opens the link in a new tab. I believe he is expecting a consistent behavior of this command/shortcut regardless of which mode you are in.

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@raivivek ok that makes sense. While this is not a bug per se, I see your point. We’ll think about it. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

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This is not a bug, but I see your point. I also think that it would be nice to be able to open a page in a new panel in edit mode.
My suggestion for that:

  • use ALT + click in edit mode to open in same panel (same way as the command we already have: ALT + enter; having similar commands for the same function seam good to me)
  • use CTRL + click to open in a new panel. so that edit mode and preview mode are the same

Raivivek, is correct. While it may not be classified as a bug. I’d definitely say it’s a bad user experience. I spent a good 10 minutes wondering why something which worked before, no longer works before I realized this behaviour.

Having the experience that something is broken means that in some way it is broken.

The consideration is that in source editor mode, when you click on something without holding any modifier keys, you want your caret to land on that position to start editing. There’s no such expectation in preview mode, thus clicking can follow the link.

We realize there’s an inconsistency, and it’s currently the way it is because we believe the default clicking behavior is the one we should honor when there’s a conflict.

@mediapathic’s idea is good though, maybe we don’t need to stick to Ctrl/Cmd+click for following and can use some other convention like Alt instead.

Can someone file a feature request on this, or is there already one for it? It would be helpful to see how many people have issues with this and see if we should change the default behavior, add an option for it, or don’t bother.

We want to take caution not to interrupt other users’ workflows, I hope that’s understandable. Let us keep in mind that users who are used to and satisfied with the way things currently are are the silent ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can totally understand it’s not desirable to disrupt other users where this is working for them. I created this feature request here to track this -> Keyboard shortcut for opening in a new pane / fixing opening link in new pane in edit mode


Thank you so much!