Clutter free edit mode

Could you elaborate? I am looking for a solution to hide the # character in Preview Mode.

This thread was looking to do the same thing, but no clear solution was ever proposed.

@Conchobar the # is never displayed in Preview mode, which is now called Reading mode.

So, I assume you are referring to Live Preview mode. Are you sure the # is displayed in LP? Are you in LP mode?

If you are, and the # is displayed, try this:

.cm-formatting-header {
    display: none;
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Ah, I see the disconnect, my mistake. No, I use primarily “Source mode” and “Reading mode” and am trying to eliminate the ‘#’ from displaying in #tags in Reading mode.

I have searched far and wide in the forums and tried many different things but can find no solutions. I’d even settle for removing the ‘#’ character altogether from Reading mode but could not figure out how to accomplish that myself.

I tried this code, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is there any actual way to remove brackets from links and other elements in edit mode?

You could also ask in the #appearance channel on Discord, where there are a number of very knowledgeable gurus.