Cloudflare configuration error

Hi there,
I hope I can get some help here.
I am trying to setup my custom subdomain on publish. I am using the cloud flare approach, since on my main web hosting the sslengineproxy thingy won’t work.

so I set my DNS to cloud flare. I added the subdomain as name linking to “”

After waiting for some time to get active I know see a cloud flare error page telling me the site is not configured properly.

“Configuration error
Due to a configuration error, the website you are trying to access appears to be unavailable.”

As to some mention in the forum is set SSL to full. still no change

Trying to reach publish-main… doesn’t work as well.

Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?


Please share a screenshot of your Cloudflare settings, either here or to [email protected]

i deleted the domain and readded it. Now it is being served as expected. I cannot tell which setting this error caused.
I suggest to update the help page for that. I see many features as marked as new on cloudflare. Maybe they changed things on their side. And I may have fumbled too much with the settings.

Thanks anyways.

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