Closing Obsidian and Reopening only shows Empty Vault

Hi I am having an issue opening vaults with Obsidian.

I am on Windows and I have the latest release 0.9.22(?) I just uninstalled and reinstalled today. I am saving my vault on OneDrive.

When I open Obsidian it opens my Work Vault but there is nothing below the name, no notes or folders. I tried to open the LYT Vault and it too showed nothing below it.
The weird thing is that if I open the vault through file explorer, the information will populate in Obsidian but it is not all the information, just a portion of the notes and files.

I am really interested in using this software but am getting frustrated that I can’t get it to work on my machine. Is this an issue with Onedrive and Obsidian?


Are you using some weird setup, symbolink links, junctions?
Does it work if you keep you vault not in onedrive?

Yes it does work if I copy the LYT kit and save it to my desktop. I don’t have any weird setup, I don’t even have folders. I only had 3 md files in it. But it seems like the issue starts when it is on OneDrive.