Closing notes vs. tabs

What I’m trying to do

Close a note in a tab without closing the entire tab.

Ideally, I’d also like to be able to break a note out into a new tab.

Things I have tried

Looking through the commands in the command palette, searching the help docs, searching this forum, and searching on Discord.

This seems like a pretty basic thing so maybe I’m just missing a concept, but if I have multiple notes open in a single tab, I’m unable to close a note without the entire tab closing. If I have multiple notes open that I can move between using “navigate forward” and “navigate back”, I’d like to be able to close one of these without closing the entire tab. Ideally, I’d also like to be able to break out one of these notes to a new tab.

why would you wanna do that?

this is impossible

Maybe I’m using the wrong terminology. If I have one tab that is showing, and I can “navigate forward” to and, and then “navigate back” to and, then I’m thinking about that as having e notes open in that tab. Is there a more correct way to phrase that?

I could also have a second tab that also has, in which case I’d want to remove from that first tab to just navigate between and But I can’t find a way to “close” from that first tab without closing the entire tab.

I’m still rather new to Obsidian so maybe my terminology or workflow could be improved.

No they are not “open” in one tab. Only one is open at a time. what you are describing is history navigation.

Ah okay, that makes sense. And I’m guessing there is no way to remove an item from navigation history? In my example I’d like to remove from the history in the first tab since I have it open in the second tab, and then I could more easily move between A and C in the first tab.

Hi @jayemar,

I think that shouldn’t be possible to do that because that is implemented with the idea to have the navigation history. A stack is used to implement that.

You can figure out another way to organize the documents to move fast across them.

Okay thanks for the info, I really appreciate your taking the time to help me understand

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